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Puran Poli

It won’t be Holi with out Puran Polis. Holi is celebrated for 2 days, day 1 is Holika Dahan which has big importance for us. For Holika Dahan bonefire is held at community ground at night. As a offering to goddess Holika, puran polis are must.You will be serve puran polis on Holi in almost […]

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Dink-Methi Ladoo

Winter is the season to relish sweets made with healthy ingredients that provides our body the much needed fats and nutrients. Moreover, these sweets are home remedies to hydrate your body with energy, nutrients and fat which we don’t get from our regular food. In a Maharastrian household we make these laddus every winter and […]

Indian cuisine Indian sweets Medicinal

Ginger Melts/ Alyaa Chaya Vadya

As winter arrives, my mother will be all set with for the winter with snacks. Most will be naturally sweetened with dates or jaggery. One of the snacks she will often prepare in winter are ginger melts. Ginger is a perennial herb native to India and China. It’s a home remedy for most of the […]

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Brittle is an easy recipe to make around holiday session. They make an excellent snack. You can use jaggery instead of sugar too. It’s a quick recipe to make and it comes together in no time. You won’t have time to measure anything while preparing the recipe, though. Keep a close eye on the sugar […]

Dessert Diwali Special Indian cuisine Indian sweets Vegetarian


  Aflatoon is a very unique sweet only available in Mumbai. It’s a Bohri delicacy which resembles to Halwa but it is much richer in flavor. Traditionally, it’s made with eggs, mawa, sugar and then baked. My version is eggless and it is cooked on a stovetop. Growing up, it was a must for Diwali […]

Dessert Diwali Special Indian cuisine Indian sweets Vegetarian

Gulab Jamun

Gulab Jamun/ Gulab Jam are fried milk solid soaked in sugar syrup. Any Indian celebration won’t be complete without a Gulab Jamun in it. Traditional version is always made with mawa or khoya that’s what we will we using today instead of milk powder. Khoya is made by cooking milk till it solidifies. Khoya gives […]

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Besan Ladoo

I really enjoy the last quarter of the year. Fall is in the air and the house smells divine with all the aromas of Diwali Faral (Snacks). Living outside India has its own perks, in addition to all Indian festivals we also celebrate American festivals too. Halloween, Dassera, Diwali, Thanksgiving and Christmas…from October onwards till […]

Dessert Diwali Special Gluten free Indian cuisine Indian sweets Vegetarian

Amrakhand/Sweetened Mango Yogurt

Frankly speaking, there won’t be a single Maharastrian household which won’t eat Shrikhand Puri on Dassara or Gudi Padwa. Traditionally, it would be served at weddings and most celebrations. Shrikhand is one of the oldest sweets from India and it is from the state of Maharashtra. This is a very simple dessert, with two main […]

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Kharvas is a custard made with colostrum milk. It can be prepared with buffalo or cow colostrum. This delicacy is originally from the State of Maharashtra. It’s very rich in antibodies and contains a good amount of fat. It’s hard to get your hands on fresh colostrum milk. You can find it in powdered form […]

Dessert Diwali Special Indian cuisine Indian sweets


Phirni is one of the few desserts which needs just three ingredients. This is especially important, in this lockdown where food is scarce. This is a quick dessert to make. Phirni is a North of Indian dish. It’s a dense version of Kheer (Rice pudding), made with coarse, ground rice.  Best served chilled in clay […]