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Stuffed Crab Curry

This recipe is very close to my heart. It’s something that connects me to my traditions and my time with my Aaji (maternal grandmother). I always talked about this recipe with my daughter, who is a fish lover especially crabs. If you ask her what would she like as a reward for doing well on […]

Curry Diary free Fish Gluten free seafood

Shrimp Curry

This is a very traditional coastal fish curry. You will see variations of this curry from Mumbai coast, Malvan to Goa. You may substitute any fish for shrimp. Kokum/ Garcinia indica is a must for our cooking and gives its unique flavor and it’s also good for digestion. If Kokum is not available you can […]

Diary free Fish Gluten free seafood

Baked Fish in a Banana Leaf.

The original method to cook this fish is to wrap it with a banana leaf or a turmeric leaf and place it on burning coals. This is a coastal delicacy. I have used an oven to bake the fish instead. You may use any fish of your choice, but the oilier the fish the better. […]

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Crab Curry

Crab curry is a delicacy, and a pain to get to the meat but worth that time and effort. Growing up I knew crab as poor man’s food. Though in the recent years it has gained immense popularity to be included on menu for fine dining. I believe crabs should be prepared using minimal ingredients […]