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Thandai Powder

  Thandai is a drink mostly served on Holi day towards north of India. Thandai masala powder is very easy to prepare at home. Thandai is basically a dry nuts and few spices powder which is add to milk and served chilled.It is close to Maharastrian Masale Doodh which is served on kojagiri Pournima. You […]

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Kairi cha pannah/ Raw mango drink

Its not summer with out pannah! Perfect drink to relish on summer hot days. Mango is such a versatile fruit, which can be enjoyed in every state. Yields : 6 servings Prep time: 10 minutes Cook time: 15 minutes You will need: 1 raw mango 3/4 cup jaggery( you can add more or less depending on […]