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Colocasia Fritters/Aloo Chya Wadya

    These fritters are a must have in the monsoon season with some hot tea on the side. Colocasia leaves are easily available in the monsoon season in India. In USA, I see them quite often from spring to early fall in Indian stores. In the state of Gujarat these fritters are served steamed […]

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Baked Fish in a Banana Leaf.

The original method to cook this fish is to wrap it with a banana leaf or a turmeric leaf and place it on burning coals. This is a coastal delicacy. I have used an oven to bake the fish instead. You may use any fish of your choice, but the oilier the fish the better. […]

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Tomato spread/chutney

I don’t think there is any home garden without a tomato plant in it. When I start planting in the spring, I always plan my vegetable garden around my tomato plants. Our small veggie patch provides us not only a continuous supply of veggies that saved us lot of store trips, but also the joy […]

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Stuffed Bell Pepper With Coconut Kadhi

Stuffed bell peppers is a creation of my Aaie (paternal grandmother). She was a master of all this quick recipes as she had very little time on her hands between all her daily chores, from working on fields and taking care of her children. Aaie was a dreamer, and the most determined woman I have […]

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Kairi cha pannah/ Raw mango drink

Its not summer with out pannah! Perfect drink to relish on summer hot days. Mango is such a versatile fruit, which can be enjoyed in every state. Yields : 6 servings Prep time: 10 minutes Cook time: 15 minutes You will need: 1 raw mango 3/4 cup jaggery( you can add more or less depending on […]

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Coconut soup/ Narala cha saar

Today, I made my husband’s favorite food. I was introduced to Narala cha saar after my wedding. It’s a delicacy from my mother-in-law’s side. And, she makes it best! Saar is usually served with rice and Batata chi bhaji. You can have this saar as a soup or as a kadhi on the side. It’s a […]

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Tulu Chicken/ Mangalorean chicken curry

I had this curry several times at my mangalorean friends’ homes, it was usually served with rotti or neer dosa. Especially my best friend’s, Shobha, place.  Where her mom used to feed me as if I were her own.I lost contact with Shobha over the years because of my constant moves. I think of her everyday, […]