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Avocado Shrimp Boats

As the days are getting longer and I see some clear signs of spring in my yard, I thought of making an avocado shrimp salad. This is our summer favorite go to for a cold salad. It’s an excellent after school snack and party pleaser too. I like to serve this salad with Belgian Endives […]

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Sunti / Mutton Meatballs

When the Maratha came in power in part of the south of India, they brought their food habits, spices and cooking style with them. The Tanjor cuisine is an amalgamation of the Maratha cuisine and regional ingredients. Sunti is also called Kayarkati Gola. Traditionally, Suntis are tied with a thread made out of a banana […]

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Deviled Eggs

This is a very easy appetizer to make and it will be ready in no time. Deviled eggs are party favorites. If you skip the coloring of eggs, you will be able to make these deviled eggs under 20 minutes. Longer you leave the eggs in beetroot brine, intense pink they’ll turn. You can leave […]

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Falafel is a Middle Eastern dish which is made Garbanzo or Fava beans. They are crispy on the outside and light and airy on the inside. Falafel is similar to Indian fried dal vadas just with the exception of parsley. Falafel makes an excellent appetizer. It can be served in a wrap. Falafel is a […]

Appetizers Diary free Gluten free Indian cuisine Vegan Vegetarian

Colocasia Fritters/Aloo Chya Wadya

    These fritters are a must have in the monsoon season with some hot tea on the side. Colocasia leaves are easily available in the monsoon season in India. In USA, I see them quite often from spring to early fall in Indian stores. In the state of Gujarat these fritters are served steamed […]

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Eggplant Spread/ Vangyache Bharit

There are so many variations of roasted eggplants in India. This coastal version is very easy and only needs a few ingredients. The only cooking you need to do is roasting the eggplant. I loved smoky flavor of the eggplant. At home it used to be served with bhakari or chapatis which I was never […]